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A private tutor can help your child bridge gaps in his/her learning experience

Kip McGrath is an international tutoring organisation that has aided countless learners in the improvement of their academic abilities in a range of core academic subjects including maths, English, and Afrikaans. If you believe that your child may benefit from having a private tutor to help with any learning difficulties, Kip McGrath Durbanville is the way to go!

The first Kip McGrath Centre was established in New South Wales, Australia, in 1976. It was founded by school teachers, Kip and Dug McGrath, who recognised a need for remedial education for children of all ages. Today, there are more than 550 learning centres in the world, and more than 60 in South Africa.

At Kip McGrath Durbanville, we aim to uphold this international standard of tutoring to develop our learners’ academic skills and to help them reach their full potential. Our structured learning programmes complement the school curriculum followed by learners from grade R – 12. This way, we enable your child to not only have fun while learning new skills, but also to improve their academic results.

The Kip philosophy is that every child has the right and ability to read, write, and calculate, they just need to be taught in a proper way so that any learning gaps may be overcome. With our accurate assessments, the child starts at his/her current level of functioning in a learning area and is taken, step by step, to the required level of functioning. This will boost your child’s confidence and enable them to achieve better results!

How do I know if my child needs help?

Of course, all parents want the best for their child, you want them to succeed and lead a happy and successful life. If your child is struggling at school, you may not immediately realise it as many children are ashamed to admit that they may be struggling and do not want to disappoint parents.

Here are some signs that your child may be struggling and could benefit from a private tutor:

If your child refuses to discuss his/her day at school, it may be an indication that they are not coping well.

Teachers are telling you that they are concerned about your child because he/she is falling behind academically.

If your child is spending an unusual amount of time on his/her homework, without much success, they may benefit from help offered by a qualified tutor.

Behavioural problems at school (acting out).

Your child does not understand what he/she is reading and does not like to read.

If you recognise any of these signs in your child, do not ignore it. Rather book a free assessment at Kip McGrath Durbanville to make sure that your child receives the help he/she needs to succeed academically.


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